Battle Group seeks to invest in enterprises and management teams operating in the North American defense, government, aerospace, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure sectors and where our strategic involvement can help support long-term organic growth and business expansion.  Below are areas where our experience and capabilities may be valuable:

  • Developing growth and business strategies
  • Supporting new business acquisition and entrance into new markets and geographies
  • Adding executives, capabilities, and/or plant and equipment to exploit growth opportunities
  • Enhancing enterprise processes required to support accelerated growth (i.e., budgeting, planning, reporting, human resources, information technology, risk management, etc.)
  • Considering and executing acquisitions, investments, financings, and strategic transactions
  • Bringing products to market
  • Participating in sensitive and cleared markets; ensuring export and regulatory compliance when applicable

Our investments are made in partnership with people and enterprises we trust and respect.  Attractive scenarios are as follows:

  • Family- or entrepreneur-owned businesses
  • Employee-owned businesses; ESOPs
  • Non-core enterprises or government contract vehicles owned by larger corporations
  • Enterprise formation with strategic partners

Target enterprises will most likely have between $5-100 million of annual revenue, although we also have the financial capability to support larger transactions that meet our investment criteria.