Colonel Edward “Bull” Rios

Strategic Partner – Colonel Edward O. “Bull” Rios joined Battle Group as a Strategic Partner in 2020. In this role, Bull supports the firm’s strategy and planning for its investment activities within the cybersecurity, intelligence, and space markets.

Before joining Battle Group, Bull served as the Chief Growth Officer of ARCTOS where he still serves on the company’s board of directors. Bull previously served as the founder and CEO of CyberSpace Operations Consulting, Inc., which merged with ARCTOS in 2019. In addition to his roles at Battle Group and ARCTOS, Bull is a former CEO and board member of the National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Bull served over 26 years in the United States Air Force, focusing on air, cyber, space, and command and control operations. He completed graduate level studies in Radar Engineering from the George Washington University and has obtained undergraduate and advanced degrees from the University of North Texas and University of Phoenix. He is also a fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Fellow, International Relations and National Security Studies) with extension to Harvard University
(Fellow, National Security Policy Studies). He is a published author through MIT and holds the patent for “High-Altitude Long Endurance Aircraft And Methods of Operation Thereof”.